Simple Ways to Work With Sun Energy

Simple Ways to Work With Sun Energy

Now that the sun has once again returned to us in the Northern hemisphere, it feels like a darn good time to celebrate. As much as I love the moon, and I truly do love the moon, there is nothing that makes me quite so happy as feeling the sun on my face. It’s all nice and warm, everything is bright, and quite simply it lifts your spirits.

So, inspired by all of this warmth I decided to share some simple ways that you can incorporate the sun’s energy into your practice. Please remember that if you are going to go outside for long periods of time to bring water and sunscreen as well. The sun’s rays are beautiful but also quite powerful. It is always important to be prepared <3

Go Outside

Going outside is of course at the top of the list here. I’m not sure that there is anything which can beat going outside, feeling the grass beneath your feet and the sun warming your skin. You don’t have to be outside for ages, nor do you have to perform an elaborate ritual here. A little bit of gratitude for the warmth and life giving powers of the sun can go a long way.

Charge Your Magickal Tools

It is fairly commonly accepted that the full moon is an excellent time to leave our your magickal tools to charge. At the same time you rarely hear discussion about charging tarot or oracle cards, crystals or candles in the sunlight. Perhaps this is because there is such a large focus on lunar cycles in the pagan/witchy/new age community.

Yet, the sun is a powerful driving force in earth-based spirituality as well. The wheel of the year is essentially based on the seasonal cycle of the sun after all. It is just as magickal as the moon )O(

The sun is also full of fiery energy and vitality. So, if you have a deck, crystals or candles which you think could do with a hit of sunny energy then why not place them out in the sunlight for a bit. As they rest in the sun’s magickal beams they will soak up all of those magickal sparks!

Just be careful not to leave your cards out for days on end, you don’t want their artwork to fade over time <3

Show gratitude

Showing your gratitude for the sun can be as simple as saying thank you and beaming out your gratitude for its vibrant energy.

For a simple ritual gather some or all of the following magickal supplies:

  • A yellow, orange or white candle
  • Incense that incorporates herbs with fiery energy
    • St. John’s wart
    • Cinnamon
    • Rosemary
    • Juniper
  • Citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit)

When you have one or more of these things head outside (or near a window where you can see sunlight. Then dedicate the incense or candle you are burning to honouring the sun. Meditate on your gratitude for all of the ways the sunlight brings light into your life.

Sun salutations

If you’re into yoga then sun salutations are an excellent way to work with the sun’s energy. This series of yoga poses will get your heart beating and boost your energy.

For an extra magickal touch, perform your sun salutations while facing a window as sunlight floods in. If you are an early bird you could even perform your sun salutations as the sun rises ☀

Plant greenery

The sun brings us spring, summer and warm weather. It nourishes our plants and helps them to grow. Planting greenery, whether you have an entire garden or a few potted plants, will bring mindfulness of the season’s warmth which the sun has brought 🙂

How do you plan to honour the sun? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 ☀☀☀

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