The Solar Eclipse and Witchcraft - Spells, Crystals and History on the Solar Eclipse For Witches

The Solar Eclipse and Witchcraft

A total solar eclipse is headed our way next week on Monday, August 21, 2017. 😮

Where I live in Canada, it will show as a partial solar eclipse. Still, that doesn’t mean us Canadians (or anyone living outside the U.S. where it will be fully visible) is missing out on the mojo.

Here’s how I look at it. So, we all live on earth right? That means that when the moon pops in between the sun and earth that it doesn’t just affect the peeps who can see the whole eclipse. If we’re all on the earth than we’re all going to be affected by this dance of the planets – or stars and satellites – you get what I’m saying 😉

Essentially, don’t sweat it if you want to work solar eclipse magick into your practice but you aren’t in the direct path of the eclipse. We’ll all get a taste of some pretty powerful energy flowing that day )O(

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History Of The Solar Eclipse

Being the total history nerd that I am, I couldn’t resist doing a bit of research into the history surrounding the solar eclipse.

Want to know something cool? (witchy nerd alert) Some of the oldest recordings of the solar eclipse date all the way back to 3340 BCE! 😮 Jaw drops

How do we know this? In the late 90s an archaeoastronomer, Paul Griffin, discovered a set of spiral-shaped stone carvings at Ireland’s Loughcrew Cairn L Megalithic Monument. According to NASA, these carvings depict the sun, the moon, and the horizon as well as solar eclipses. And, at least one of them is accurate too. The carving corresponds to a solar eclipse that happened in 3340 BCE.

Babylonian astronomers also followed the heavens quite closely. Based on Babylonian carvings in clay tablets dating from approximately 1700 to 700, modern researchers have concluded that their astronomical predictions were fairly accurate. So, the Babylonians had a pretty good idea of when both lunar and solar eclipses would occur.

Now that’s some awesome mojo right there. By recording and following modern eclipses we are literally following in the step of our ancestors. Anyone up for some solar eclipse ancestor magick?!

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the path of the moon crosses between the sun and the earth in the middle of the day. A full solar eclipse like this one will block out the sun’s light entirely.

The only thing that will be visible in areas where the sun is completely eclipsed, is the outermost layer of light which the sun emits.

If you head out to watch the solar eclipse be sure to take safety into consideration. Never look directly at the sun, this can seriously damage your eyes.

Solar Eclipse Energy

During the solar eclipse and around the time that it occurs, the moon’s energy will be quite strong. This is especially true considering that the solar eclipse also coincides with the new moon.

As dark moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle they are jam-packed with “get up and go” type energy. They are a great time to start new projects, and this solar eclipse dark moon is certainly no exception. If anything it will strengthen this lunar energy as the dark moon crosses into the day.

Considering that the moon is also strongly associated with intuitive energy, this is also the perfect time to take a moment to listen to your intuition. If you read tarot or oracle cards, now is a top time to do a pull or work through an intuitive reading.

A Witch’s Approach To The Solar Eclipse

There is plenty of witching you can do on the solar eclipse to work with its energy. Below I’ve included a few suggestions for crystals and spells you can incorporate into your solar eclipse practice.

Crystals For The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse combines the intuitive energy of the dark moon with the fiery energy of the sun. So, when working with crystals you may want to work with a few different crystals to align yourself with both of these energies.

Solar eclipse crystals:

  • Black Tourmaline – Deep and dark, work with black tourmaline to connect with the dark moon’s energy and ground spirit.
  • Obsidian – Similar to black tourmaline obsidian is very grounding. It can also help you to cut chords and release that which is no longer serving. That way, you can begin the next lunar phase charged and ready to go.
  • Citrine – Yellow and fiery, the energy of citrine can help balance the darker intuitive energy of the new moon. As a stone of prosperity, it is also a good option for infusing your new projects with abundance.
  • Carnelian – Bursting with fiery, creative energy carnelian is a good go to for solar energy. If the eclipse has you feeling a little out of sorts this can continue to spark that inner fire.

Solar Eclipse Spells

There are two main types of energy which flow through with the solar eclipse, release and beginnings.

The solar eclipse kicks off this next lunar phase with a bang. Now is the time to release any energy or habits that no longer serve you so that you can begin your projects on the right foot.

Witchy ingredients for releasing spells:

  • Black Candles
  • Sage
  • Obsidian
  • Bergamot
  • Star Anise

Witchy ingredients for spells of new beginnings:

  • Citrine
  • Yellow or Green Candles
  • Basil
  • Irish Moss
  • Green Aventurine

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