Samhain brings a sense of quiet and meditative focus. Earlier this week I drew the four of swords (well the four of arrows in the Wildwood Tarot). Last November both the four of cups and four of swords were my constant companions.

These cards speak of rest. Seeing it at the beginning of November makes me wonder if it will continue to appear throughout the coming month. Perhaps if I pay attention and make time to rest they won’t. Yet, rest is something which I have honestly never been very good at. My mind likes to race, to plan, to circle in circles until the circles are circles.

It occurs to me though that rest does not always mean stopping. Rest means finding balance. Balance between the doing, the planning, and thinking. Making time to have a bubble bath and seek out meditative moments.

I find I have been too busy in my mind as of late, or too exhausted in my body to set up a meditation space. So I seek out meditative moments instead. Taking three deep breaths staring out the window at the last golden leaves on the trees. Breathing in deeply when I am outside in the fresh air. Appreciating the weather on the rainy days and the sunny days. Taking a few moments to write out the day’s thoughts in my journal before bed.

These are all ways to rest. Perhaps my focus for this month ought to be implementing them more frequently. The hustle of the harvest season has passed. Maybe there is honour in flowing with the season rather than fighting this quietness.

Samhain’s quiet season has dawned. It strikes me that Samhain is not simply a single day either. Yes, it is celebrated on October 31, but it is more than a day. This quietness will stretch until the preparations for Yule begin.

Yes, rest is needed. Quiet is needed. Balance is needed. These are my focuses for this season of Samhain. Now all that is left is making the time and space for them in life.

Many Blessings,


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