I am super excited to share my NEW ebook Magickal Mabon: The Modern Pagan’s Guide To The Harvest Season with you!

It is currently available for Kindle on Amazon and in PDF on Etsy.

Feeling Inspired By Autumn Magick

Around the being of August this year, I was quite simply feeling inspired! The creativity was flowing and my witchy senses were tingling in excitement for fall.

I have always loved autumn. It is just so magickal with its crisp air and colourful fall leaves. There is nothing I like more than taking a walk in nature on a cool autumn day. It is the best time to soak up all that delicious seasonal energy of the coming autumn equinox.

Then I thought, why not combine two things that I love, autumn and writing in one? You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess where that led me.

So, to state the obvious I decided to write a book on celebrating Mabon. That way I could share my passion for writing and my love of autumn!

What Mabon means - mabon blessings and ideas

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What is Mabon Anyways?

Did you just discover Paganism, Druidry, New Age Spirituality, Witchcraft, or Wicca?

Side note – If I’ve forgotten to mention your earth-based spirituality don’t sweat it. There are many alternative spiritual systems so, it is hard to get them all in a sentence. Plus, that statement right there is totally awesome! I love that there so many paths and that everyone can march to the beat of their own drum.

Okay, squirrel brain back to the point figuring out the harvest sabbat.

If you don’t know what I am talking about that is okay.

(If you know already and aren’t feeling a refresher skim past this bit).

When I discovered paganism several years ago, I didn’t know what this sabbat was all about either. So, I did a lot of reading to try and figure it all out.

After I read, and read, and read some more I spent a lot of time reflecting on what it meant to me. I even recorded a couple of these reflections as videos.

Eventually, I decided that Mabon though it is often overlooked in favour of Samhain, is one of the most important sabbats.

It is first and foremost a harvest festival so it is all about gratitude. Personally, I think that we could all do with a little more thankfulness in our lives. I know I certainly forget to be thankful a lot of the time.

When you are speeding about here and there it is hard to take that quiet moment to give thanks. So, it is my hope that this book will help inspire you to find out what you are thankful for. Then provide you with some suggestions about how to show this gratitude.

Magickal Mabon The Modern Pagan's Guide To The Harvest Season

Goodies Inside The Book

Ready to find out the good stuff?!

Magickal Mabon is packed with ideas on how you can celebrate the autumn equinox.

Here is a list of the awesome things that await you:

autumn-image-copy Mabon History and Mythology

  • With mythology on the deity Mabon, and the history of the sabbat
  • Features: Info from The Mabinogion and other ancient Celtic texts from the 1200s

autumn-image-copy A Modern Interpretation 

  • Reflect on what this sabbat means
  • Learn how to find gratitude in your life

autumn-image-copy Mabon Celebration Ideas

  • Inspiration on how to celebrate the autumn equinox harvest festival
  • Packed with:
    • Mabon spells
    • Autumn equinox ritual ideas
    • An original meditation on the harvest season
    • An original harvest tarot spread

autumn-image-copy Crystal, Herbal and Animal Lore

  • Discover which crystals are the best to work with for the harvest
  • Unearth the herbal lore of Mabon
  • Explore Celtic and First Nations animal mythology

Ready to check it out for yourself? Then head on over to Kindle or Etsy to download your copy!

Many Blessings,


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