Altar or Sacred Space Essentials

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When I first started learning about paganism and new age spirituality (or however you prefer to call it – I’m not huge on labels), I came across a tonne of resources on Wiccan altar tools.

These described or rather told exactly which tools that you had to use and how you had to arrange them. Being the free spirit that I am I was not so hot on all that business of being told what I ought to believe and how I ought to do things.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Wicca like many specific pagan paths can be a beautiful way to connect with spirituality. It just isn’t who I am – not that all Wiccans strictly adhere to specified altar layouts either – that is the beauty of paganism, we all tread our own winding path.

But anyways, now I am getting a tad distracted and off topic here. My main point was, that a lot of the resources I came across were focused on a particular way of doing things – a way of doing things that didn’t fit me. So, I put together a collection of ideas on what I think is essential to an altar or sacred space.

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1. You

You are first and foremost the most important part of any altar or sacred space you create. If you don’t feel like setting up a space with particular things at the end of the day, all you need is you and your energy.

An altar is a way to connect with your spirit and you as a whole while also honouring the mother earth or any deities you worship. This means that the most important thing is you.

It is you who infuses an altar or sacred space with energy. So if all you’re feeling is some meditative me-time then infuse the space around you with positive energy and bam you are in a sacred space. Everything else in this list is extra 🙂

2. Earthy Things

I love me some time with mother earth and all of her beauties. It is easy to get caught up in thinking about furnishing an altar with the latest spiritual doo-dads but you don’t actually have to spend a dime to honour the earth.

Go for a walk and collect seashells, pebbles, leaves and feathers. Thank the earth spirits and animal spirits for sharing their energy then bring home these new treasures for your altar.

Some of the most beautiful elements of any altar are things that you can find during a walk in nature.

3. Crystals

Crystals also come from the earth but I’ve popped them in a different category here because you generally need to pay before you adopt these lovelies.

There are so many different crystals around and each one has its own unique and beautiful energy. Explore working with different crystals and setting different crystals on your altar as events in your life unfold.

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4. Candles + Incense

Candles and incense are another personal favourite and make a beautiful addition to any altar or sacred space. Placing a candle on your altar will help to introduce fire elemental energy into your sacred space. You can make your candles at home, pop over to a spirit focused store or even stop by Walmart or the dollar store.

You can make your candles at home, pop over to a spirit focused store or even stop by Walmart or the dollar store. It doesn’t matter where you buy your candles and incense what matters is the intention that you infuse into them.

Which brings us right back to my first point – you are the most essential aspect of your altar or sacred space. It is what you do and the intent and energy that you send out around you that creates a sacred altar for your spirit <3

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