Breathe. Stay Present. Recharge

Breathe. Stay Present. Recharge

I am writing this after just waking up from the most beautiful and recharging nap. Hence the inspiration for this post 😀

It is so easy to forget to look after yourself when you are running around, doing the biz hustle (whether it’s a side biz or full-time), and looking after others.

That’s a hella lot of things to do. And that list didn’t even include all the other jazz you get up to like looking after spirit or making time for hobbies.

I’m a busy bee by nature, I call it squirrel-brain which in my world is something like a cross between, “hey look a squirrel” and the actual squirrely brain as they hop around from tree to tree.

Essentially, I’m trying to say that it is damn important to rest up somewhere in there or you’ll burn out.

During this past weekend that largely took the form of trying to be mindful of thought patterns. I had a really lovely weekend visiting my mom and part of that is because I made the effort to actually be, ya know present.

Obviously, I was physically there but I wanted to give myself permission to be mentally there as well.

Part of the way that this ended up unfolding actually was visualising my thought process in terms of the Awkward Yeti’s Heart and Brain comics.

If you aren’t familiar with the heart and brain comics, they chronicle the adventures of spirited Heart full of passion and creativity, along with his friend Brain who is logical, sometimes stressed and a tad bit of a worry wort. I think most of us are a combination of the two. I know I am anyhow :p

This weekend I consciously made the effort to let Heart rule in simple ways. I stood outside and breathed in fresh air, surrounded by greenery without letting squirrel brain to take over.

Then I had the blessing to visit a beach along Lake Ontario and let my bare toes stand in the water (you can catch a vid of the waves over on Instagram).

And guess what? I was able to just be. I was able to focus on the feeling of the cool water on my toes and the sunshine on my shoulders and it was beautiful! <3

Making the mindful decision to let my heart rule gave me a true opportunity to be in the present. Letting myself nap on the train home gave me a chance to recharge and write this post.

Make some time for you this week lovelies. Breathe. Stay Present. Recharge. And even have a wee nap if needed 😉

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