7 Altar Ideas For Green Witches

7 Altar Ideas For Green Witches

Green witchcraft is deeply intertwined with nature. It is a winding, crooked and enchanting path that meanders along streams, wanders through parks and runs wild deep within the forest.

However, if you live in one of the ever sprawling cities across our Mother Earth, getting out to a forest, stream or even park may not always be possible.

Creating an altar or sacred space that is adorned with elements of the natural world is a simple way to connect with nature right in your home.

So, let your spirit run wild friends. Dance upon the wild winds of magick and weave an altar of green magick that makes your spirit sing.

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Keep in mind that before you head out wildcrafting for your green witch altar, that you should always research the leaves and plants you collect. It is a good idea to keep a guidebook on local plants handy. That way you can check whether the plant is safe to handle.

Then, as you wildcraft, take a moment to thank the earth and any fae or local nature spirits for the magickal goodies you harvest )O(

1. Leaves

Leaves and herbs are always welcome on a green witch’s altar. Rest them on your altar to dry them, out as well as to honour your connection with the earth and the green spirits. If there is a particular plant, herb, flower or tree you are working with, this is a perfect way to deepen your connection with it.

2. Feathers

Feathers are true gifts from our winged friends. They flutter from the sky to rest gently on the ground. When gathering feathers, whisper a small note of thanks and well wishes to the bird who shared their feather with you.

When you get home it’s a good idea to pop the feather into the freezer. This will kill off any mites that may be living in the feather and deteriorate it.

Then, to deepen your connection with the animal’s spirit, make some time to look into the mythology and lore associated with them. What’s Your Sign is a great free online resource for animal symbolism and lore.

3. Earthy Stones

I often chat about crystals and crystal friends but a spotlight ought to be shed on the value of earthy stones as well. After spending so much time directly connected to the earth these stones are deeply infused with earthly energy. As such they are a beautifully magickal addition to any green witch’s altar.

4. Earth

It doesn’t get much more earthy than soil itself. Collect some soil from your garden or a local park and place it in a small glass vial. Then rest this on your altar in the area you honour the earth element. You can also hold this vial when grounding to strengthen your connection with the earth if you aren’t able to get outdoors.

5. Tree Bark

When harvesting tree bark only gather bark that has fallen onto the ground surrounding the tree. The tree bark creates a layer of protection around the tree. Then when winter comes, it also nourishes nearby squirrels and critters. Leave this nourishment and protection for the wild critters. Focus on gathering the bark that lays on the ground and has already fallen off instead.

If you are working with the Ogham, the Celtic Tree Oracle is a particularly handy resource.

6. Flower Petals

The symbolism of flowers varies as widely as the different types of petals which grace the earth. Each plant has its own unique energy and metaphysical properties that are associated with it. You can wildcraft many of these petals from a local park or field, or you can harvest them right from your garden.

Just like with feathers, it is worth doing a bit of research into the symbolism of these petals. However, you don’t always need to stick with the book when it comes to these meanings. Your relationship and intuitive connection to the flower should always be your primary guide.

7. Seashells or Watery Stones

If you happen to live near or visit a creek, lake, ocean or other bodies of water keep an eye out for seashells and water pebbles. Watery pebbles are essentially any natural stone you might find within the water. These blend the earth’s energy with the wild energy of living water (water that doesn’t come from the tap). Gather a few of these carefully and place them on your altar to incorporate this magickal blend between sea and sky.

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